Pre-Operative Instructions:

For those patients that will be receiving general anesthesia in our office; here are some guidelines to follow before your surgery:

  1. You will need to set aside a full 24 hour period where you will not have a lot on your schedule. You may need as much as three days depending on your need for narcotic pain medication.
  2. Do NOT eat or drink anything, including water, candy or mints, at least 6 full hours before your surgery appointment. If you need to take any medications the morning of your surgery or you were asked to take a pre-medication, please do so with the smallest amount of water possible.
  3. Bring a driver with you that can STAY in the office for the entire length of your appointment. Please let them know that they will need to stay on the premises and that someone will be going over post-operative instructions with them.
  4. Please wear shirts with sleeves that can be rolled past your elbows. Please wear low heeled shoes that are comfortable. In order for some of our equipment to read properly we ask that you have NO DARK nail polish and NO SHELLAC/GEL nail polish on your fingernails.
  5. Please refrain from wearing any bulky jewelry or large earrings. Any nose, tongue and/or lip rings will need to be removed the day of surgery.
  6. For patients with respiratory issues such as asthma you may be asked to bring your inhaler and use it prior to your procedure.

**If you have any questions regarding any of these instructions please call our office.  513-932-9991